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Heirloom Edition
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question iconWhose stories do you miss?  Whose voice would you love to hear again?  And whose voices, even now, tell stories you'd rather not lose?

What if their stories could speak to your children, or even their children, as they reach an age not so different from your own? 

disk iconKinLore™ is dedicated to helping families and communities preserve their memories.  We use digital technology to record legacies for future generations. 

Your most important sounds and images remind you of who you are.  KinLore™ records, restores, and organizes these treasures to make them even more valuable to you and yours. 

info iconOur Interview Products capture oral history in full CD-quality stereo.  They make family stories, elder wisdom, and community identity more accessible for years to come. 

Our Other Services support ongoing efforts to protect your heritage.  They include digitizing and restoring a wide variety of older audio and visual media.