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Heirloom Edition
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note iconSetting:  The setting for an interview can be almost anywhere.  As with any conversation, a comfortable place safe from distraction works best.  Relative quiet will make the resulting recording easier to understand, but perfect silence is not required.  Many household noises, like birds singing or a clock chiming, lend character to a recording. 

check iconPreparations:  Before I record your interview:
We finalize the time and place.
You tell me your topics of interest (and any topics to avoid).
We sign a simple recording agreement.
I collect your pre-payment.
And, I answer any questions you may have about the interview.

disk iconRecording:  During the interview, the storyteller may speak freely, or may rely on my occasional prompting.  Some say the interview process brings back fresh memories. 

bang iconOrdering:  Call 318-396-3372 or e-mail to schedule your interview.  Any questions or comments are welcome. 

asterisk iconCommunity Interviews:  These require additional planning.  Please include me as early as possible.  I'll be happy to present options and discuss opportunities for making your event more memorable.  Ask about special pricing if you plan to sell copies of your recording through your organization.