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Heirloom Edition
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disk iconThe special nature of audio recording engages the listener's imagination to visualize the details of the story being told.  It can transport listeners through time and space, to tell them how it really was, and how it really is. 

All KinLore™ Interviews are digitally recorded in full CD-quality stereo.  You can enjoy them in almost any audio CD player.  The clarity of your recording will rival that of any CD you own.

There's no need to come to a studio.  I can record your family stories across your kitchen table, or wherever the telling is most comfortable.

Because your recording is digital, it can keep your valuable family information alive and accessible for years to come.  Unlike earlier technology, future media are very likely to accomodate digital audio. 

info iconThe Interview Options describe different ways KinLore™ can record family stories, elder wisdom, and community identity.  Select one to match the occasion. 

The Product Options describe how KinLore™ can make these recordings available to you, and to those who follow you.  Select one to suit your budget. 

Once you've chosen both an Interview and a Product, Special Considerations tells you how to make it happen.