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ear iconAudio Digitization - $0.75/min*
Converting analog audio (tape or grooved disk) to audio compact disc or CD-ROM

Capabilities include: 78, 45, & 33 1/3 RPM disks, cassette, microcassette, and audio from VHS tape 

tools iconAudio Restoration - $0.75/min*
Reducing noise, correcting speed, improving continuity, etc.

sissors iconAudio Editing - $0.75/min*
Splitting into titled tracks, removing unwanted content, etc.

bang iconOrdering:  Call 318-396-3372 or e-mail about these or other related services.  Any questions or comments are welcome.  Please contact me with your needs. 

* Time includes setup and quality assurance.   All times for services required apply against a 30 minute per project minimum.