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Heirloom Edition
© 2007 KinLore™

John McCarterMy name is John McCarter.  I was motivated to start KinLore™ by my experience of loss, both within my own family and in the families of friends.  One of the benefits of this experience was a deeper appreciation of the wisdom of families. 

As an early hobby, music taught me how to listen carefully.  Over twenty years experience programming and networking computers helps me work with digital media accurately. 

My training in counseling (M.Ed.) lets me conduct thoughtful interviews with confidence.  My teaching experience helps me answer your questions clearly and make effective suggestions. 

All of this comes together to inform my work with KinLore™. 

EarthKinLore™ is supported by a network of independent contractors.  We take pride in our craftsmanship and continue to strive for higher quality.  We believe that by helping enrich your family's legacy, we improve the world. 

KinLore™ can help your family or community memories span the generations.  My contact information is in the upper left of each page,
just below the logoI welcome any comments or questions about how we can work together.