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Heirloom Edition
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house iconA Home Interview records an individual or couple in a residence setting where the speakers are most comfortable.  It lasts about an hour and results in one audio CD. 

A Home Interview recording is as easy as a pleasant conversation.  It's an ideal way for a family to preserve the wisdom of elders, or for parents to record messages for a child's upcoming milestone event. 

group iconA Group Interview records three or more speakers at one sitting, often at a "story party" or other small family gathering.  It lasts about an hour and results in one audio CD. 

A Group Interview lets a whole circle of people contribute.  When three or four storytellers play off one another, the results are often surprisingly entertaining.

asterisk iconCommunity Interviews are a series of shorter interviews recorded at different times.  These interviews are then compiled so that each audio CD presents about an hour of material, usually from multiple speakers.

These projects are better suited to larger organizations like reunion groups and houses of worship.  Additional production work is necessary.